Address: 15 Milutina Bojica st.,Banjsko Polje
Brestovacka banja Phone: +381 30 477-287
Phone 2: +381 64 33-299-28
Phone 3: +381 64 160-44-16
4/ 5stars

Pension Dušica located in the resort spa on the field of 300m Brestovacka spa. Beautiful village surrounded by pine trees. The house is spacious with a beautifully landscaped courtyard and accessories for children. The house is available to guests throughout the year and to stay comfortable in the winter house has its own heating.The household has an Internet connection, telephone and each room is equipped with a TV set with satellite programs. In a well-equipped kitchen can be a self-prepared food and friendly hosts are preparing surprises. The house is reached by an asphalt road. From Belgrade, the Black leadership can be reached by bus to the village and the bus stop is 100m away. OBJECTS AROUND Post office: in the neighborhood Bank: In Pine, 6km Cave: Cave Zlot, 10km Monument: The castle of King Alexander, Residence of Prince Milos, Turkish Bath, 300; Building Department and the French Cassina 10km, 28km Romulijana Health Center: 6 km in Pine Pharmacy: In Pine, 6 km Bike Trail: Through the village well done Recreation: In the heart of football and basketball court, tennis court in Bor Outdoor pool: 6 km in Bor. Indoor swimming pool: 6 km in Pine Hiking: Beautiful scenery around and walking paths Paths of health: the environment. Slopes for skiing: The Black Top 20km from the ski lift, Savača 6km. Hunting: Gater 500m, 30km Dubašnica, hunting "zloty forest" Crni Vrh 20km, hunting "Deli Jovan" 20km, and hunting can be organized and I host Fishing: 10km Zlotska river (trout, Gudgeon, chub, white fish), Pine Lake 7km (carp, bream, perch, catfish, tostolobik and all kinds of white fish). Hiking: Deli Jovan, Spell, table, large rocks, small rocks, Crni Vrh. Spa: Spa Brestovačka 300m, 28km Gamzigradska Spa Lake: Pine Lake 7km ACTIVITIES Sport and Recreation: Hiking, hunting, fishing, bird watching, picking herbs and mushrooms, swimming in the thermo-mineral waters for treatment of rheumatic diseases, skin diseases and diseases of women, football and basketball. Working: help hostess about gardens and gardening as well as in food preparation and food for the winter, training of knitting, crocheting and poentlesa Cultural:Dani "Brestovacka spa" 19 August, Art Colony "Copper" August 6, Festival Village, Pine Lake Uranak the first May Uranak 2nd of May Table Mountain, Crnorečje in song and dance 12.-14. July, the glory of the SPA field Vidovdan 28th June PRODUCTS Products can be purchased: brandy, honey, Zlot cheese, juices, jams and sweet home, souvenirs