Address: Bor
Bor Phone: +381 63 650 926
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The municipality of Novi Beograd Milesevska 6, Belgrade Tel: 011/3444-329, fax: 011/386-17-28 Old Town municipality Skender Beg 11a, Belgrade Tel: 011/2628-360, fax: 011/2928-164 Representative for Eastern Serbia Pine: 063/650-926 Facebook site: YouTube Channel: Foreign Language School CONCORD established in 1995. The Vracar as one of the first private school for learning foreign languages in Belgrade. Concord schools are now located in several locations in Belgrade and Serbia (Bor, Zajecar Kladovo Knjazevac Majdanpek Negotin Donji Milanovac ...) U 2010. year we celebrate 15 years of successful existence Concord school has grown into a Concord Communications Inc providing various services in the field of education: 1. Concord Language School 2. Concord E-learning 3. Concord LCCI accredited center 4. Concord foreign language school 5. Concord Belgrade Summer and winter school 6. Concord translation center