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    Flowers and flower shops Bogatic

    Address: 3 Mike Mitrovica st., Bogatic
    Whatsapp: +381 63 311 972
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible
    Pet friendly Pet friendly
    Parking Parking
    Wifi WiFi
    Delivery Delivery
    In business since: 1995.

    Flowers are the ideal gift

    If you don’t want to – or can’t – turn your emotions into words, buy some flowers.

    They will surely communicate your message to the person you gift them to.

    Choose the ideal bouquet, arrangement, basket, flower pot or just a single flower for happy occasions: birth of a child, birthday, 18th birthday and other occasions.

    Or delight your loved one with or without a cause.

    Using flowers you can express respect for your mother, friend, colleague or perhaps your boss.

    If you are going to a celebration – a flower or a nicely wrapped gift is the best choice.

    For newly-weds, marriage anniversaries and all family celebrations, flower shop “Orhideja” decorates the interior, prepares special arrangements, flower pots, bouquets and of course the unavoidable wedding bouquets.

    At our flower shop, choose the adequate arrangement for sad occasions as well.

    In addition to cut and potted flowers, we also offer affordable prices for bouquets, basket arrangements, flower pots, dried flowers and more.

    At our flower shop you can decorate a vehicle for a wedding but also more than that. With our experience and creativity and by respecting your wishes, we will decorate formal halls for various celebrations: birthdays, proms, weddings...

    With all this, you can also choose an appropriate gift for your friends and loved ones’ celebrations and all other occasions.

    We recommend our many gifts decorated by decoupage, art pieces and more...

    At our sales objects we have a very broad assortment of flowers.

    Our three stores can be found in Bogatici, Prnjavor and Salas Nocajski

    We have done everything to make sure you can pick the perfect flowers for your needs at all times at our shops.


    Trac cafe is the best place for clubbing in Bogatic.

    Every Friday we have live music and guest appearances.

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