Address: Naselje Dunav nn, Beocin
Beocin Phone: +381 21 870-870, 871-871, 871-777, fax. 871-555

4/ 5stars On the right side of the Danube, upstream from Novi Sad, lies the restaurant KARAS. The restaurant KARAS is a name that means a lot for Beocin and the surrounding. The name of the restaurant is around 55 years old. The restaurant has three large halls with 300 place capacity and a summer garden with 350 places, so it is suitable for holding different kinds of festivities such as: weddings, birthdays, cocktail parties, banquets, field trips, excursions and other celebrations. We are offering you the possibility of over-night accommodation, because the restaurant has 5 bedrooms, 4 single bed and one with a French bed. The restaurant has also its own beach with 5000 place capacity. Restaurant KARAS was in 2003 categorized by the Ministry of tourism with 3 stars (second category restaurant)