Address: nn Jezerska st., Bela Crkva
Bela Crkva Phone: +381 13 852 059
Phone 2: +381 64 423 18 32
4/ 5stars

The villa is located on the shore of Lake City and has a private beach.

The villa has 4 comfortable and modern three-bed apartments (air conditioning, Total TV, kitchen, Jacuzzi), except on the ground floor you will find the Jacuzzi tubs, a Jacuzzi, lying on the floor.

The apartments are surrounded by greenery and space for recreation.

The area in front of the villa is suitable for swimming pools for small children to socialize, barbecue and more.

Vila there 9 years and has regular customers, and we look forward to the new one.

Cyclists riding trail by the lake are welcome to stop by, wash equipment and possibly overnight.