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    Horsing clubs Barajevo

    Address: nn Lipovacki put st., Lipovica, Barajevo

    Equestrian club MBM began work in 1995.

    Our main activities include cascade and participating in movie industry projects.

    In addition, we also work on the shape of the horses (hips, recreation, cascade...), training actors in cascading, training riders for recreational and sports riding.

    We organize and participate in tournaments in sports riding and competitive riding.

    We organize field rides in nature.

    We can proudly say that in addition to many other horse breeds, we also keep two very rare and specific breeds from Russia: Akmal-Teke and the Russian war horse.

    Among many movie and TV projects, we are known to a broad audience for participating and filming for Nemanjici TV series, St. George Slays the Dragon, “Jesen stize dunjo moja” and many others.