Address: 20 Radise Jovanovica st., Bacevac
Barajevo Phone: +381 11 254 02 54
Phone 2: +381 69 254 02 54
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Ethno household and restaurant "Zornić house"

Five years of work and love crowned with the opening of 2 May 2008.

Our farm is located on Mage, Baćevac village, district Barajevo.

On our farm there is an ethno restaurant with traditional cuisine and dishes prepared according to recipes of our grandmothers.

Ethno restaurant "Zornić house", spread over three acres of idyllic landscapes Sumadija, with no view of the everyday Kosmaj.

Our household does not offer just good food and a greater way and ambiance to enjoy it.

Selected music, the murmur of water and the chirping of birds will certainly contribute to that.

In addition to good food in our restaurant and will hopefully be satisfied and with over 45 kinds of best brandy and as many wines from this region.

After all, you will of course it pleasant and relaxing on the carpet below dvestagodišnjeg oak.

Many have tried and some of the dream and cheated!

In addition to proven good food in our offer you and souvenirs.

A variety of homemade products that you will be and when to split reminded of the time spent with us.

With us are exposed and objects which today can rarely see.

Their story and their use in the past will help you to better understand the way of life in the old Serbian household.

Immediacy and hospitality and staff and the overall ambience will make your stay extraordinary.

Our idea is to be with us and with us you feel like you are with relatives and we will make sure that it is really so be it.

Ethno restaurant "Zornić house"

Zivorada Jovanovic 13, Baćevac

Mob. 069 / 254-02-54
Tel. 011 / 254-02-54

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Monday - Friday 12: 00h - 22: 00h

Saturday and Sunday 08: 00h - 22: 00h

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Every day 08: 00h - 22: 00h