Address: 75 Ibarski put st., Meljak, Beograd
Barajevo Phone: +381 11 8340 282
Phone 2: +381 63 598 578
Phone 3: +381 69 354 000 3
Email: dolores.vujovic@yahoo.com
Web: www.longlife-dom.com
4/ 5stars

Home for the Elderly Long Life offers its hospitality in a particularly beautiful, newly built, comfortable and pleasant stay in the facility, located just 15 kilometers from Belgrade, in the middle of lush vegetation and clean air. The building was purpose-built, according to all applicable regulations for the geriatric institution. It has 1150 square meters and is surrounded by twenty acres of green space and park with pine trees. In addition to permanent nursing home stays Long Life offers short stay. Apart from comfortable accommodation, all users have the professional medical care, a complete diet with five servings prepared following the instructions nutritionist, and a rich social life.