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Brandy Klekovaca was made in these parts since the early twentieth century to the thirties that same period of time certain Babic brothers began selling its first serious Klekovača in Belgrade.

Organized production and bottling of Klekovača began in 1955. In the Agricultural Cooperative "Bjelovar" in relatively short time it became recognizable for its original bottle with a yellow label and red capsule (cap) filled the shelves in stores across the former Yugoslavia, and has come through the windows and exporters in Paris and London stores.
Juniper brandy is produced from the finest varieties of plums from the traditional technological process, with the addition of selected fruits (berries) berries. The combination of tradition and many years of experience in making these spirits, as well as the application of the latest technological developments and scientific findings in the field of spirits, a unique twist on the recognition of these products.

Upon completion of the distillation, maturation and aging in oak casks of brandy, grappa is filled and packed into the final product in BB Klekovača liter, 0.7 l special packaging and packaging 0.5 l, while in the assortment are soft and brandy for cooking as well as white-hot (brandy) in a liter packaging it.

Already in the first half of 2011 thanks to initiative and enthusiasm of the current owner, has doubled sales from the previous year and provided a stable base of raw materials as a basis for continued and long-term production.

BB Klekovaca is the first brand Bajina Basta and it will, we hope, will remain for a long time.