Address: 8 Petefi Brigade st, Backa Topola
Backa Topola Phone: +381 24 714 873
Phone 2: +381 63 764 88 13
Phone 3: +381 63 7647 150
4/ 5stars

Gurman domestic restaurants located in the heart of North Vojvodina, in the center of Backa Topola. Surrounded by natural vegetation city park exudes comfort and freshness.

Gourmet restaurant is a unique place if you want to try a specific cuisine where you can find dishes from Vojvodina, Serbian, Hungarian and International areas complemented by excellent local wines range from sandy vineyards of Vojvodina, in addition to which there is a wide range of wines from other areas. We must not leave out the famous "the Topola" Brandy: mulberry, quince, cherry, call, etc..


For guests who want to explore the rich cultural heritage of northern Vojvodina is where we Gurman storage capacity of 15 beds in 6 rooms decorated in a modern minimalist style.

Which include:

    - 2 bedrooms with double beds
    - 4 double rooms with extra beds

         All rooms are equipped according to European standards, which is why they have the right to bear **** (four stars).
         Each room is air conditioned
         Rooms are equipped with cable television, wireless Internet access, refrigerator, if necessary
         Nearby there are tennis courts and recreation
         24-Hour Front

Ćevapđžinica & Restaurant

At the very least it is impossible not to mention Ćevabđžinicu Gourmet Restaurant with a capacity of 25 guests, which has a tradition of several decades in which the so-called fast offering barbecue and a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.