Address: 7 Brodarsko naselje st, Backa Palanka
Backa Palanka Phone: +381 21 751-761

4/ 5stars

Carda Restaurant Dom sportova is located in Bačka Palanka on the shore of Tikvala Lake with a view on the Danube River. It is close to the lake and city beaches of the Danube, and all of this is placed in protected park of nature TIKVARA. This Restaurant is a part of the best organized societies: Sport Fishermen Society ŠARAN and one of the most trophy-winning clubs in Serbia, Kayak Club SINTELON which gives European, World and Olympic champions. With 50 years long tradition, we offer: - Traditional way of fish preparation (original way) - Grilled dishes - Rich choice of finest domestic wines. Among quiet and peaceful ambient and relaxing atmosphere, where time doesn’t seem to pass, come to enjoy!