Address: 9 Dragutina Milosevica st, Arilje
Arilje Phone: +381 31 3893 480
Phone 2: +381 64 258 01 41
Web: sites.google.com/site/dikatex
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CRAFT TEXTILE SHOP "DIKA-TEX", was founded in 01.11.2007 in Arilje. It belongs to a group of small family businesses, where all the family members are involved.

Our products are made of high quality cotton material. In addition to the quality of one of the additional advantages of our products and good price.

Our product range includes:

- The men's collection (underwear, pajamas, boxer shorts, t-shirts ...)
- Women's Collection (underwear, pajamas, T-shirts ...)
- Children's Collection (underwear, pajamas, boxer shorts, sweat suits, sweaters, dresses ...)
- Baby collection (bunnies, baby shirts, bodies, towels ...)