Address: 4 Drinske divizije st., Arilje
Arilje Phone: +381 61 612 22 51
Email: lekaturs@yahoo.com
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Leka transportation Ltd. provides passenger transport services in the country and abroad, luxury minibus, vans and passenger cars.

Van and minibus transport is carried out at all locations in the country and abroad.

Our cars can be rented for all kinds of local, off-line and long-distance transport at the best prices.

At very affordable prices waited for your guests and business partners at Belgrade or any airport in Europe, and provide a welcome and transportation to the agreed destination.

Rental of vehicles on one or more days.

All of our drivers in addition to many years of experience and have knowledge of foreign languages and can meet all your requirements in order to provide quality services.

Book your drive to:

+381 61 612 22 51 or lekaturs@yahoo.com at any time of day.