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Elder care, Homes help Arandjelovac

Address: 30 Knjaza Milosa st, Arandjelovac

In the beautiful town of Arandjelovac, not far from Bukovicka spa, you will find our care home for the elderly Polyclinic St. Stefan.

Polyclinic St. Stefan is a renown health institution that provides services in many domains of medicine.

The mission of our polyclinic is to provide high quality and affordable examinations for the purpose of prevention and early disease detection.

We place emphasis on the medical equipment that our clinic disposes with.

The polyclinic also has a biochemistry laboratory for the purpose of setting an accurate diagnosis as quickly and easily as possible.

In that sense, the polyclinic gathers a huge number of specialists from different domains of medicine who are acknowledged throughout the world and who got global recognition for their work.

At our care home for the elderly Polyclinic St. Stefan everything is subject to our residents’ comfort. We’ve worked 11 years with great success.

Currently we have 50 beds in single, double, three-bed rooms and apartments.

Every user can equip their room-apartment as they wish.

The food is home-prepared at our own kitchen and is adjusted to the age and health condition for every user.

Care home for the elderly Polyclinic St. Stefan contains a farm that produces healthy organic food.

At our care home for the elderly Polyclinic St. Stefan we place special emphasis on the medical treatment for every user.

Taking care of our users’ health day and night is a team of our medical workers led by Dr. Zoran Zecevic, surgeon, and Dr. Nemanja Zecevic.

We have every day visits by doctors and full physical treatment.

Medical nurses take care of the regularity of their therapy and notify the doctor about all the changes in the users’ health condition.

Our users can have family and friends visit and also stay in touch with them via phone and the internet.

Anyone can engage in their hobby and social activities.

Care home for the elderly Polyclinic St. Stefan has its own vehicles for user transportation and we also provide home examinations prior to admission.

The expenses of the stay are adjusted to our pensioners’ abilities and can be paid weekly, monthly or yearly.

The program offered by the care home for the elderly Polyclinic St. Stefan is ideal for people who would like to live with dignity in their old age, surrounded by care, attention and a lot of dynamics.

We are located in Arandjelovac, which is 65km away from Belgrade.

It’s easy to reach Arandjelovac, as it is well connected to all of Serbia with excellent traffic lines.

Arandjelovac and Bukovicka spa have centuries of tradition and hospitable people make anyone feel welcome.



POLIKLINIKA SVETI STEFAN, 30 Knjaza Milosa st, Arandjelovac
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