Address: 30 Knjaza Milosa st, Arandjelovac
Arandjelovac Phone: +381 34 725 912
Phone 2: +381 64 612 77 68
Phone 3: +381 65 820 18 70
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In the beautiful town of Arandjelovac, not far from the spa is HELP care home for the elderly. At home for the elderly HELP which has worked successfully for 11 years, everything is subordinated to the user. Currently, we have 50 beds in single, double, triple rooms and apartments. Each user is allowed to furnish room apartment as they like. The food is local and prepared in your own kitchen, adapted to the age and health status of each user individually. HELP consists of a farm on which products are healthy, organic food. The HELP is a special emphasis on medical treatment of each user. With health care around the clock team of health workers headed by Dr. Zoran Zecevic, a surgeon, and Dr. Zecevic Nemanja. Are conducted daily spo and a complete physical treatment. Nurses take care of the regularity of therapy and physician notification of any changes in health status of the user. Users have to provide assistance for family and friends, and can maintain contact by telephone and the Internet. Anyone can engage in hobbies and social activities. HELP has their own vehicles to transport users and pre-accession perform home inspections. Expenses are adapted to our retired and are paid weekly, monthly or annually. A program that provides HELP is ideal for people who want to age in the third live in dignity, surrounded by attention, expertise and a lot of dynamics. We are located in the Arandjelovac, located 65 km from Belgrade. Do Aranđelovac can be easily reached, is associated with excellent transport links throughout Serbia. Banja Arandjelovac Bukovička and have a centuries-old traditions and hospitable people are making the guest feel comfortable. WE DO ALL THAT YOU AGE happier ... Back safe smile on your face