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Bukulja on the slopes, at about 350 meters above sea level, there is an ethno village "Brest and vision" where you can see the half Šumadije and Serbia where they would meet air flow creating a phenomenon known as "wind rose".

Six magnificent, exclusive of tourist apartments emerged restoration Shumadija three original wooden shed, more than two centuries. Among them was an old house Karadjordjev grooms more than two hundred years old, who moved from the village of Topola Junkovci.

Six apartments with a capacity of 20 beds are equipped with modern. There are modern cuisine in ethnic style, bathroom with jacuzzi and shower, wooden beds and floors, gas heating, internet, cable TV and much more ...

Double rooms have a double bed, shower, internet connection.

App 2-3 persons: double bed + 1 classic, kitchenette with fridge and stove-top stove, shower, internet connection.

The rooms have an app and linens and towels.
Heart ethnic villages of Brest and vision, resulting rearrangement of the three original Shumadija wooden shed, more than two centuries, the slopes Bukulja above Arandjelovac restaurant that makes today the best chefs cooking in the city.

Restaurant dominated national cuisine offers many dishes of meat, prepared in a traditional way, but creatively rich knowledge and experience of the chef.

Although, judging from the menu gourmand empire, Brestovi restaurant offers great possibilities of combining different dishes and foods, and for myself I find specialties or in concert with the chef choose vegetarian.

Beautiful view from 350 meters above sea level, where the object is located, provides the gentle slopes of Sumadija Kosmaj and Oplenac the possibility that in a few high quality apartments that are part of the complex spend shorter or longer holiday, additional reasons that this facility be recommended.

Thursday: not a restaurant