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    Auto services Arandjelovac

    Address: 27 Ilije Garasanina st., Arandjelovac
    Fax +381 34 701 372

    BOSKE Company Ltd. since 2006, engaged the services of technical inspection and vehicle registration.

    Professional staff BOSKE company shall at all times carry out control of the roadworthiness of your vehicle out regular checks of technical inspection - completely free of charge and detailed as possible, in order to your safety.

    In addition to the technical review, in all our facilities can conclude an insurance policy and pay all taxes on the Republican contracted post offices.

    We provide all kinds of deferred payment, as well as discounts for larger fleets.

    Within the Company operates and car service with over 20 years of experience in sheet metal and painting works. Service is located in Aranđelovac, at Elijah Birčanina second

    We offer our clients:

    - Repair of all types of vehicles

    - Painting in contemporary chamber

    - Bringing the vehicle to its original condition

    - Ability to repair several vehicles at the same time

    We have a contract with all the insurance companies on a "turnkey".

    Professional staff - plumber, painter, electrician, mechanic guarantee the quality of work and service.

    VEHICLE REGISTRATION without going to the MUP

    Technical inspection, insurance, registration, issuance of registration stickers - all in one place.


    - Vehicle registration from 6 to 12 monthly installments through payroll for all for all employees and pensioners

    - Technical Review BOSKE, at Elias Garašanina 27 and Bukuljska bb, perform inspection and registration of all types of vehicles by the administrative ban on salary or pension at 6 to 12 monthly installments, without participation, guarantors, checks or other types of security, without going into bank

    - Payment checks in 6 monthly installments without interest

    - The payment of all types of payment cards

    - Come to your call

    Scrutineering at Ilyich Garasanina 27 Arandjelovac, is authorized for technical inspection of vehicles maximum permissible mass exceeding 5 tonnes.

    On this site you can remove the international license, international powers, membership Auto Moto Union, comprehensive insurance, partial hull and passenger insurance, travel insurance, property insurance, life insurance, purchase agreement, a green card.

    Scrutineering at Bukuljska 2L st. Arandjelovac, is authorized for technical inspection for all types of vehicles.

    We perform certification retrofitted vehicles and vehicles powered engines to liquefied gas.

    According to the approval of the Agency for the Safety of the test place AMSS Center for motor vehicles, where it is attesting retrofitted vehicles and vehicles powered engines to liquefied gas.

    Working time technical review:

    Monday - Friday: 07:00 to 17:00 h

    Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00 hrs

    Sunday: not working

    Working hours of check-in counters vehicles:

    Monday - Friday: 07:30 to 15:30 h

    Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00 hrs

    Sunday: not working