Address: Tisa \\\' s coast nn, Mol, Ada
Ada Phone: +381 24 861-588

4/ 5stars

The JELEN restaurant is situated on the famos beach of Mol on the river Tisa, one of the best river beaches with great possibilities for active holiday and entertainment. Once it used to be a part of Panonija, the Hunters Association but today it is an independent tourist and catering organization which has been place of attraction for many years, not only for hunters, but also for all passing-by tourists who enjoy good food and local specialites. The restaurant is attractive due to the fact that here everything is close at hand: dining room, spacious terrace with a view on the countryside and river Tisa which curves through it, furthermore a sports and recreation center is next ot the restaurant as well as rich hunting grounds. The JELEN restaurant is one of those catering facilities whichs at any moment can offer to its guests a first-class service, wide selection of food and drinks, as well as comfortable rooms. The capacity of JELEN restaurant dining-room for business people is 140 seats. There is also a banquet-room and an open-air cafe with an orchestra. Positive attitude and good atmosphere revive memories on the past days and arouse hunting spirit. Friendly restaurant workers offer rich menu including: - all sorts of grilled meat - various specialties of national cousin - fish prepared in different ways - venison and - Veseli molac, speciality of the restaurant. The Mol orchestra which plays every evening is in charge of good mood and relaxation by the river. In the warmly recommended to the guests of JELEN: bring your swimming suits with you. On a beautifully arranged beach you can swim and sunbathe as long as you like, before or after lunch. In addition to all this there is enough parking places as well as river dock for boats. A recreation center Tisin cvet with soccer, volleyball, basketball and two tennis fields is situated next to the restaurant, thus, tourist and sports offer of Mol is completed. During the hunting season this place is visited by hunters from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany and from all parts of Yugoslavia, because this municipality is rich with game and fishing pounds. As a restaurant which has a lot of interesting things to offer as well as because of all facilities nearby the JELEN guarantees its guests a good haul of game, prompt service, organized lunches and diners for sportsmen, hunters and excursions, as well as unforgettable entertainment on the river Tisa bank. OUR NUMEROUS GUESTS ARE THE BEST PROOF AND AFFIRMATION OF REPUTATION WE ENJOY!