Address: 61 Bagremova st., Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 23 524 615
Fax: +381 23 526 393
Email: duma-i@sbb.rs
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DUMA I was established in 15:05 . 1995 Zrenjanin as an office . The founder and owner of the Jonica Verešan . from the beginning

main activities are : tin , Insulation , roofing and locksmith installation works . The beginning was

modest , in the garage with some hand tools.
DUMA I , however, possess something that others are not: extensive experience of the owner , acquired the companies in

who had previously worked . Thanks to DUMA I survived the difficult times through which we all passed and failed to

grow the company 15.09.2001.g.
Garage has outgrown the building of 300m2 and was purchased and all necessary tools and rolling stock to perform this

activities . Increased the number of employees , so that the currently employed 21 workers . The company has been working on

many large buildings in the country and abroad .
Special attention is pokljanja and interpersonal relationships . All employees with years of service in the enterprise

so that the collective as one big family . For all these reasons we believe that the DUMA and for many years

work to the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

The company has a workshop of 300m2 and 30m2 of office space .

Rolling stock :

Rolling stock company consists of two vans and four passengers .


Fleet of the company consists of:

- Scissors 2m kom.1

- Scissors 1m kom.1

- Apipong 2m kom.2

- Rund machine 1m kom.2

- Rund machine 2m kom.1

- Electrical machinery zit kom.1

- Hand-held zit machine kom.7

- Set for autogenous welding kom.8

- Electric Welding kom.4

- Stable circular kom.2

- Sajcug kom.2

- Pipe scaffolding 300m