Address: Kings quarters, Partisan water, Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 64 082 98 02
Phone 2: +381 31 845 965
4/ 5stars

Tomb Apartments are located in the Kings quarters at 100 m above the kings of the fountain.

We offer 3 apartments, all apartments are equipped with wireless, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room, two separate comfortable bedrooms, underfloor heating, cable, parking in front of the apartment, terrace.

¼ the ground floor with two separate bedrooms, living room, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen 80m2

¼ the ground floor with two separate bedrooms, living room, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen 80m2

¼ duplex with two separate comfortable bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, downstairs living room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor 75m2

Baby cot have.

We also have the issue of 4 triple rooms, 1 bed studio apartment, 1 four-bed room in our inn located in the center above the lake, more precisely above the patisserie Fenix (part of Kings dormitory).

Rooms are equipped with extra lux, bathroom with hairdryer, refrigerator, TV, cable, wireless, underfloor heating, parking in front of the hostel.

Apartments and the inn was categorized as 4 star.

Guests can have breakfast and lunch in the restaurant below DOSS (at own cost) to enter the restaurant guests do not need to go out but has an entrance from the hallway of the hostel.

Also from the apartment in the residence halls is only some 100 m to the restaurant.

And in the apartments and rooms are changing daily towels and clean the room and suite.

For all our guests who are more than three days accommodated in our apartments, we offer one free trip to our ranch Tomb, which is only 20 minutes drive from the apartment, where they can spend the day sightseeing animals (cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, emu, geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowls, deer, rabbits, dogs, cats, ...) included in the tour is lunch from ecologically clean foods (milk from cows that graze zlatiborske herbs, ...), which consists of local food such as the homemade cheese, cream cheese, hot bread made of good old Smederevca, buckwheat pie, sour milk, stew, cabbage rolls, smoked ham and bacon, which is dried in our own smokehouse, which also can see (in the winter).

Lunch will be served during the winter in our spare room next to the stove Smederevca with your family or friends in a warm atmosphere or flying out on the terrace while watching the nature and chickens pecking the grass while you dine our homemade specialties.

What food that day will be offered the individual.

Guests at our ranch were people known to the public, and the unknown, which means that it is one unseen beauty of space and nature.

Surrounded by hills and pastures just where you can rest your soul and body with our homemade specialties and to drink spring water.

It takes just one day before that we announce your planned visit our ranch.

Please note that just will not be able to organize the trip if the weather conditions do not permit (snowed road, river floods came, ...)


If your company plans to hold some of the seminar in Zlatibor we can also meet the additional rooms that are located above the lake in the center of Zlatibor in our inn.

It would also deal with some able to organize society for lunch seminar at our ranch holds up to 25 people.

For all information regarding reservations, please contact us at the telephone number 065 / 888-81-32 or email Nena