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Modern transport systems require all participants to behave in a civilized and cultural, which leads to the fact that all road users must abide by certain rules of traffic, as defined by the law on traffic safety and regulations.

For this reason new standards in the field of training of candidates for drivers have been defined.

This training takes place through the lecturer theoretical training, driving instructors and examiners.

So, it is a newspaper that the state made in this regard from the need to reduce the long-run accident.

Driving school "Boss" is the first driving school that has installed an information system training in Serbia.

Our goal is to increase overall traffic safety, for this reason, we are active in the education of children of all ages.

In 2014 we organized an interactive educational time for graders in cooperation with the agency for road safety in our city on the occasion came the most famous childrens character in the field of traffic safety "Pazljivko".

Also we offer classes for elementary school students for competitions in the traffic and so on.

To summarize, our car school "Boss" is very ambitious in creating a safer traffic.

We use modern methods and tools during the training of drivers in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

In this way, our fellow citizens have recognized the positive energy and thus gained confidence in our work.

Driving school is a very important step to begin your path to a careful and responsible driver, who will know how to find his way in every situation and adequately respond.

Everyday accident burden our society are a result of inadequate education of young drivers in the driving school.

Therefore, the driving school a very important part of the transport system that has to educate young driver in the right direction, because later, when the wrong habits can be adopted late.

Being a good driver does not drive fast and confidently, for it serves paths and polygons for that purpose, to be a good driver means to be conscientious and responsible drivers who know and apply specific traffic regulations, signs and rules, abide by them and cares about their security and about the safety of other road users.

For this reason, the role of driving schools should not be taken lightly.

We invite you to this role to us, because we have the experience that constitute an excellent foundation on your way to good and safe driver.