Address: 10 Partizanska st., Vranje
Vranje Phone: +381 65 846 54 11
Phone 2: +381 63 465 411
Fax: +381 17 420 881
4/ 5stars

Accommodation Park Gate is a brand new facility, which began operations in early 2015.

Location of the property is exceptional.

Located in the heart of Vranje close to Brankova Street, a promenade where you can feel all the charm of night life of the city, near theaters and museums.

Nearby are the buildings of the Court, the Assembly of the city, police and other institutions, relevant for business people.

On the other hand, the facility is at the entrance to the park (for which is named), so guests can enjoy the magnificent view, fresh air and walk.

Although in the center it is completely isolated from noise and is a true oasis of peace and comfort.

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