Address: 8 Pop Lukina st., Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 60 301 26 27
4/ 5stars

If you are a fan of real, local, artisan beer, or good rock music, the right place for this is Bear Pub.

It is located in the center of town, yet in a quiet corner tucked in Pop Lukina Street. 8th

Brewery Medved is where the real connoisseurs and beer lovers can enjoy the unique taste of our Medved beer which we produce in our own mini-brewery.

We serve it every draft, directly from the production line and is always fresh because it exceeds najkraćii possible route from the manufacturing plant to the consumer.

Our beer is nefiltritano and unpasteurised, so that in itself kept all the nutrients that a quality beer and should possess.

Controlled quality and its presentation at the various festivals artisan beer has received outstanding reviews as experts, and the very lovers artisan beers.

The standard serves light, wheat and dark beer, but your guests know how to treat and special beers, we make occasionally and in special circumstances.

With us you have the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of different coffees, cocktails and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

I am enjoying the beer in the pub on weekends Medved organize performances of local and foreign bands so that our guests have the opportunity to enjoy good rock or jazz music, and how we do it, you can see on the Facebook page "Brewery Bear" where we announce everything as we prepare for you, as well as reports that we were.

Here, the atmosphere which is always pleasant, relaxed and informal as well as in most of the world pubs and be sure to smile and cordial welcome which you do not feel good, and that the time you spend with us to stay in nice I manage.



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