Address: old road to Arandjelovac, Topola
Phone: +381 34 532-346, +381 63 15-55-128,+381 60 86-28-545


Kapetans Vineyards Restaurant is located near Topola, the old road to Arandelovac. It was conceived as an oasis of greenery and peace that gives you pleasure in every moment spent here, with the soothing sounds of gurgling water, excellent kitchen, away from city bustle and noise. If you want your family or business partners and friends ugostite the best possible way, Kapetans Vineyards are the place for you! On the menu of our restaurant is a famous domestic and international cuisine (Chinese, Thai ....), fish and seafood, a large number of cooked dishes ... and we will fulfill your wishes with regard to meals that are not in the standard range, you only need to highlight the time, and our staff will be pleased to meet you. Welcome and Enjoy!