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- Preventive gynecological examination with colposcopy and Pap smear

- Ultrasound examination in gynecology

- Diagnosis of premalignant changes in the cervix (targeted biopsy with histopathologic analysis)

- Male interventions under local anesthesia:
1) ablation of polyps in the cervix
2) biopsy changes
3) treatment of radiowaves: warts, "sores on the cervix"

- Testing of sterility in women, ie the ovulation cycle monitoring (folliculometry)

- Tests for sexually transmitted infections and treatment

- Contraception (prescribing hormone and others. Kinds of contraception, the application spiral)

- Adolescent gynecology (counseling, examinations, contraception)

Pregnant women:
- Pregnancy

- Screening for chromosomal defects in pregnancy

- Ultrasound examinations of pregnant women, fetal Doppler blood vessels

- We have a new ultrasound machine Philips affininti 50, a software version specifically adapted for gynecology and akušerstvo.To the camera is the latest generation, with vaginal and abdominal 2D and 3D / 4D abdominal probe

- 3D / 4D probe is especially interesting for examinations during pregnancy because it can be nice to show the external appearance of the baby (npr.lice) .4D technologies that allows three dimensional view of a baby in "real time"

- New product provides exceptional image quality, the possibility of applying color and power Doppler

- The recorded photographs of babies and videos fabricated during the examination are transferred to a CD and so can be kept as a souvenir or for consultative examinations