Address: 72 Jovana Popovica st., Stara Pazova
Phone: +381 22 310 545

We produce specific products that you can not find in stores:

- Electronic devices in the field of measuring instruments, such as a tachometers, electronic balancing of the rotor, and many other instruments for quick checkups
.- regulators, battery charging, motor controllers lower power and voltage converters.
- Electronics for cars: automatic ignition systems, daytime running lights with reduced power, the windows controls, slowly turn on and off the lights in the cabin, various timers.
- electronic devices for the house and around it, Beep-beep alarms (devices for children suffering from nocturnal enuresis
), the bell for pets, remote switch unlimited range, rats repellants and various lights.
- Electronics for small businesses, timers, thermometers and timers, Electronics for point machine (spotter for tinsmith) .
- For agriculture: the termination of the rotation detector and meter processed
surface harvesters, rotary lamp without mechanical parts.
- for beekeepers: bee venom collector, regulator engine for extracting honey, precision thermometer switches for honey melting.
- Coffee production of colloidal silver water, zapper generator and magnetic stirrer for chemicals.
- Specific electronic devices at your request (for your needs).

About 70 different products can be ordered by phone 022-310-545, or on the site, where you can see more detail all the products and prices.