Address: 125 Jana Kolara st., Stara Pazova
Phone: +381 64 706 12 88
Phone 2: +381 63 823 29 24

"Mexican" is a company dealing with metalwork and car painting works.

Service was founded in 1985, and so far our work back at the factory layout vehicles of almost all manufacturers and all companies in our region.

What sets us apart from others is the wide range of options, many years of experience, reasonable deadlines that always respect and above all-a quality that is at the level of the factory demands.

Experience with modern plumbing tools and paint materials is fully applied in our workshop, and the absolute quality of the work is an integral part of our business policy of not deviate.

We have nasavremeniju equipment to perform body repair and autolakirerskih works, and constantly monitoring the development of technology in our industry allows us to always keep up with reputable services.

Sales service:

* Repairs after the record insurance
* Repair damages on the desk (the template)
* Board of damaged parts
* Tinning welded parts
* Elimination of Consequences of town
* Replacement of damaged parts with new or used parts
* Protection of vehicles against corrosion
* Restoration of old vehicles

To all the problems related to your car decided in one place, in cooperation with partner companies, we offer the following services:

* Paint finishes
* Car mechanics
* Car electronics

In cooperation with authorized car dealers offer new original parts for all types of vehicles, in collaboration with registered car wastes we used parts for your vehicle.

The price of services is based on the assessment of damage to the vehicle and the amount of working hours for the same repair.

We are always trying to give customers reasonable deadlines and deadlines always honor.