Address: 12-14 Branka Radicevica st., Lok number 8, Stara Pazova
Phone: +381 63 826 59 57
Phone 2: +381 22 316 689
Fax: +381 22 316 689


Bookkeeping agency Leastel began work in 2004 and is located in Stara Pazova at 12-14 Branka Radicevica street shop 8.

The main activity of the agency involves offering bookkeeping services while following regulations in accouting areas as well as applying all the tax laws for companies, individuals, non-profit organizations, associations, agriculture estates and others.

Thanks to our years of experience in the area of bookkeeping we are ready to at all times offer our clients precise and professional services appropriate to their activity, way and scope of their business.

As a reliable partner in development and business success of yoru company or business we offer the following services:

- Stocks and material bookkeeping
- Financial bookkeeping
- Making periodic and final accounts
- PDV book summary for incoming and outgoing accounts
- Registering and calculating taxes to citizen income
- Calculating income
- M-4 forms
- Treasury accounting
- Calculating stocks
- Business analysis
- Registering and de-registering workers
- Working in accordance with the tax department
- Help with starting your business, company and similar services, changing the APR

We are certified and licensed to perform accounting services which we perform with reliability and precision in accordance with the law and regulations of Republic of Serbia with the constant subscriber contact with the Paragraph and Privredni savetnik company who regularly inform us of all the changes in laws and regulations.

By caring for each client we make the base for successful cooperation with a large number of guarantees which contribute to mutual trust.

- Team of certified experts
- Professionalism
- Years of experience
- Computer processing of data and documentation
- Daily updates
- Following and consulting regarding legal changes
- We adjust our operations to the needs of every individual client.

If you need an accountant and you decide to show us trust we can provide you with the highest quality reliable services with guaranteed discretion.

If you're at the beginning of your work we'll help you take your first steps to success and offer all needed information related to guiding your business.

For all information, questions and clearance contact us through these numbers: