Address: Bezdan, Sombor
Phone: +381 25 819 960
Phone 2: +381 62 43 12 57

The "Kod Carine" inn is close to BEZDANSKA customs, by which it was named, it is located in a hidden corner on the left bank of the Danube river, near the bridge of the abyss Beaten in Croatia. Four decades ago that was built barracks for housing and feeding a bridge builder after all this turned into a card. The fire destroyed the original building, but the new one emerged. What remained was a thatched roof and an old tree under which the famous fish stew is cooked in Bezdanski way. Carda is irresistible: the bank of the Danube, secluded beaches and an abundance of greenery attract regular customers for years, but many times couples seeking romance and pleasant moments. Although the inn is next duty here is not paying customs duties. Guests feel relaxed in the beautiful countryside and enjoy the tempting taste of fish.