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Bowling Stones

The main objective of bowling game is to throw a ball or rolled on the bowling lane and on this occasion knock all ten pins, which are deployed at the other end of the track, you think it is easy?

If you want to try yourself in this very interesting game assemble a team and come and try your luck in breaking skittles.

In addition to bowling at your disposal and other forms of entertainment that we offer in our house, pool, air hockey, X-Box and more.

Fast food

If you were hungry, you are in the city center, is the right moment to try what others are prepared in our kitchen!

The choice of food is colorful, fresh from hobby to specific meals.

On the daily menu includes pancakes (sweet and savory), excellent sandwiches with exceptional prosciutto, ham and sausage, there are unavoidable PIZZE which no one can resist, and for true gourmets prepare barbecue sausages and fries of course.

Celebrations for the company

Have you thought about having fun with colleagues elsewhere unless your company?

If so, we have the solution for you!

Bowling pivcnica has a pleasant area suitable for organizing meetings of business teams in organizations on the company, New Year or any other reason to celebrate.

Our team has extensive experience organizing various events, ranging from childrens birthday parties, through organization "Bowling League" all the way up to corporate gatherings.

Thus the idea was born to have our own place where we get all the knowledge and experience gained so far will be able to apply.

Bowling pub has the capacity to maintain smooth any event, there is a lounge bar, bowling lanes, accessible outdoor space for playing X-box, Air Hockey, a billiards ... especially proud of our area suitable for a gathering of serious people.

We have organized a variety of celebrations - from business events in the form of conferences, cocktail parties, receptions, conferences, seminars, business lunches and dinners.

In the beautiful setting, with a carefully chosen selection of menus and drinks and good music will make your celebration unique.

Come to meet and to exchange ideas about the celebration that you say that we made it in the best way, because your satisfaction is our future recommendations.

For questions and suggestions, we are at your disposal!


The organization of childrens birthday with children learning about the basics of bowling for all ages of school children.

Organization of birthday parties and other celebrations for the elderly as well as renting premises and equipment!

BC "Bowling Stones", in addition to competitive activities on their premises between the left and organizes childrens birthday parties.
The age range in which children are happy to celebrate their "beautiful day" is very broad. Children from 7 years old can have fun with us.
Awakening competitive spirit and prizes for the best competitors at a birthday party, only one segment in which children enjoy.

As always there are children who have a tendency towards other forms of entertainment for them, we provide Table football, X-BOX, Air hokey and billiards, or simply let the little kids love to draw, and some love by God and to be involved in organizing everything. What is important is that the children feel comfortable.

How children are so important to us, and parents so that they are available in the lounge bar where they can spend a pleasant time with your guests, drink the best coffee in town.

On offer are for birthdays and mini pizzas, which came to be the symbol of birthdays in BC Bowling Stones and rarely passes without serving their thunderous comments kiddies "PICAAAAAAA".

Provided free parking for guests Bowling stones "beer hall in an enclosed area hotel parking lot!