Address: 4 Trg Koste Trifkovica st., Sombor
Sombor Phone: +381 25 444-654

4/ 5stars

In the nicest part of town, near the National Theatre and the Municipal Museum, you can find the popular meeting place of Sombor townspeople - coffee bar "CLUB 2"

To the older denizens of Sombor it was earlier known as the former educational club that got its brand new, modern and striking look on the 04th October 2007. Since then it has taken precedence in the catering offer of Sombor. CLUB 2 with their appearance, variety of drinks, friendly staff, music ... creates an atmosphere of pleasant and convenient relaxation for everyone and every occasion ... Those can be assured all those who in the morning wanting to relax and have coffee and a another drink and a chat casual ones who should carry out business meetings outside the work area ... the ones who know how to enjoy nights out. When the offer of beverage is in question, suffice it to say that there almost isn't a drink you might want that will not be served! A rich variety of drinks you can get information on our website: Come and make sure that the "CLUB 2", certainly a place that will meet your criteria and you'll be happy to return. In "CLUB 2" you are welcome on weekdays from 7 and 30 to 24 hours and on weekends from 7 and 30 to 02