Address: 30 Conopljanski road, Sombor
Sombor Phone: +381 25 429 900
4/ 5stars

With enthusiasm, strength and desire for progress in every sense, two people from Sombor, Danica and Sava Kronic erect a beautiful building in the middle of the plains of Vojvodina. Villa Kronic! In all respects the facility might as well have come from some ancient times, yet stylish enough to be fully associated with modern times at the beginning of the 21st century. Villa Kronic  becomes a real visual decoration for Čonoplja (a village near Sombor), for all who will eventually go that way. With the idea to combine the need for the sports and hospitality, but in a nice flatland-way. Within the building there are two old renovated farms, which all resemble the old days in the construction and every other way, and The Villa, completed in 2000-is a magnificent way to complete the entire neighborhood. Surrounded by a green valley in the true sense the word with four football fields and parks, lakes and canals, which is separated from the rest of the vast Pannonian Plain. At 3 km from the city center of Sombor is still an integral part of the town, yet far enough away so that morning at the Villa exudes calm fields of Vojvodina, sounds and smells clean and unspoiled nature. Alternation of the seasons is what draws recognizable story space in the cards. Accommodation capacity is 56 beds in 22 rooms located at the Villa. Sufficient for the excursion as well as for individual tourism. Since organized groups to individual visits, for all have enough space. Restaurant receives about a hundred guests, but with the included terraces and gazebo in the park and across 250th Villas Specialties of local cuisine pepper and grill specialties of meat, vegetables, and fish are sure to satisfy everyone's need for gourmet food. Courts, locker rooms, gym and Tennis Club as are available to all who are looking for recreation and sport. In the gym, some metaphorically called Vila's Gym there is a need to remove yourself from everyday stress of modern times, and then, in the same place, the energy supplement dishes from the restaurant. Vilas gym (literally translated to the Eng.) Association is the fact that in this region the strongest muscle, for centuries, made when working with girls. Organized visits to hunters, fishermen, photographers, painters and other colonies. are just one of the real indicators that the Villa Kronic absolutely part of the nature that surrounds you and is almost a perfect fit. Do you plan to stay overnight and dine something because you are passing through, whether you are in a visiting or you're going on an excursion, if you come to Sombor, definitely not go out of it without having to come and visit us. So the invitation is open to everyone. See you there!