Address: 8 Knez Mihajlova st., TC Don Zon, lokal 6, Smederevo
Smederevo Phone: +381 26 617 398
Phone 2: +381 60 3700 931
4/ 5stars

 The plot has existed since 1998. From the beginning, we at the mall DON-ŽON (old)

We have a large range of products for the care and beautification of the body, and our staff is balm for the soul (friendly, knowledgeable, patient).
You can find products of world famous brands (L'Oreal, Garnier, mix, Maybelline, Max Factor, Revlon, Rimmel, MISS SPORTY, NIVEA, ADIDAS, STR 8, BU, C-TRU, ANTONIO BANDERAS, Titania, GOLDEN ROSE, RUBY ROSE , CLASSICS, etc ...)

We have the products of domestic manufacturers and brands, such as: AURA, Don Juan, ECONOMIC, ALISA ...

We are known for their great range of hair dyes (PALETTE, MaxiTone, KOLORTON, BEAUTY, VELVETON, EXPLICIT, SUBRINA CHARM AND PROFESSIONAL, KEUNE and others), and what makes us recognizable professional hair colors SELECTIVE.

In addition to cosmetics you can also find leather products of our famous manufacturers MANUAL, which are the authorized dealers of 2002. We offer leather bags, leather wallets, leather belts, pendants, FUTROLE ...

Yes, please visit us. We will try to be happy, because we are there for you.