Address: 3 Secenjev trg st., Senta
Phone: +381 24 812-289, +381 63 289-473


Confectionery ALMASI has existed since 1995, which was when grandpa opened the first one. He studied his craft in Longa factory.

Back in those days, the ALMASI confectionery shop was the first one around. It made desserts, pastries and sweets with butter. Those flavours were, as they say - just like my mom used to make. He worked until he was 70 years old and then his son took over the trade, carrying on the family tradition which was at its peak then.

The technique didn't change with time because you don't change a system that works. It was hard going in the 90's, up until 2000, but this sweets shop braved those years because it maintained it's signature taste and tradition. After 2000, the third generation took over and strives to carry on the tradition which it learned well from old masters, meaning everything is hand-made and packed even today.

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