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LINK was established in 1990 as a company for providing IT services, it is now the agency with the same activity.

The main activities are manufacturing, importing and maintenance of information systems ie. network application programs (software) to support business enterprise customer.

LINK has a ready-made solutions that can serve as a starting point for discussions about finding solutions that meet only the requirements and needs of the client.

Development of Information System includes the following phases:

- Defining the architecture of the Information System (subsystems and modules)
- Creation of data models for each subsystem and a single data model
- Defining the mode of operation of each subsystem and the relationship between them
- Definition of the necessary preconditions (personnel, hardware, etc..)
- Development, testing and installation of application programs for a computer in the execution phase
- Checking designed and programmed solutions
- User Training
- Maintenance of the delivered software

In developing the Information System LINK recognizes the following principles:
- Comprehensiveness, ie. elimination of paper and other handy records
- Up to date, ie. data enters the system at the time of
- Availability, ie. data entered into the computer, no matter which segment
    created, are available to all services in a form that is convenient for them to level
- Integration of function, which is reflected in the possibility of a comprehensive overview
    individual business segments.
- Operational work, help (help), generating a document on the basis of prior
- Durability, soundness of the rules of operations and readiness for further development