Address: 176 Glavna st., TC Atrijum, Ruma
Ruma Phone: +381 65 650 66 11
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Agency "Vasilica" does not yet count the years of its existence.

We are young and newly formed, but with a tendency to sucessfully work for many years to come.

The founding the agency was the idea of the owner, to strengthen and assist the export of Serbian companies and also to meet the needs of Serbian companies' importing.

Good opportunities for business cooperation are lost due to language barriers, but because of this agency "Vasilica" has stepped in because what Serbia really need is production.

Production depends on sales and mostly on exports.

So the essence of our business is to connect local companies engaged in production with companies from abroad where such a product is needed.

The basic idea is that Vasilica mediates between domestic and foreign companies in order to achieve mutual interests.

We also provide professional services and IT-consulting.

Creating, maintaining websites and electronic systems company, Web Store and other popular Internet and network services.

We offer translation services from French, English and Spanish to Serbian language and vice versa.

It is understood that the translation of contracts as well as to prepare them to other companies.

Providing logistics services firms (making invoices, norms and complete documentation for import and export) is also a service we provide.

We also offer financial support to companies.

If someone wants to develop and invest in its production to realize your idea can rely on loans from the USA Escrow Fund, where the minimum amount of credit was 3,000,000.00 euros to 10 to 15 years with a fixed interest rate of 2.5% .

Based on these advantages we are proud that we brought two Italian companies in Serbia and the brokers we extend credit to two foreign companies.

We have achieved successful cooperation with Serbian TERMOMONT and German-Italian company Virtus, as with many companies. ">More can be found on our website

For additional information necessary to contact Vasilica Office and our team will be happy to meet and explain in detail each.