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Perfom Ltd. is a family company with long experience in the production and sale and ribbed metal sheets.

The roots of our business and development dating back to in 1942., When Milos R.Janković as young and skilled master opened a blacksmith - wheelwrights shop and started the now decades-long family tradition and practice of metal and steel. With years of experience, in 1981. Was Mary and John Doe along with Milos manufacturing techniques and related products.

From its establishment until today Perfom its development on the basic principles of a healthy family and interpersonal relationships with respect to all employees as a collaborator on the same task. We've combined the latest technology and the best traditions of the master.

Perfom today technological and personnel best equipped company in the production and processing of perforated plates both in Serbia and in the region. This makes us the leading manufacturer and retailer of perforated metal sheets.

Export markets and business activities:

Perfom exported to the following countries: Germany, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia ...
We are present in the following industry sectors: recycling, mining, energy, construction, process industry, shipbuilding, machine building, food and beverage industry, food industry, industrial maintenance, etc..

Our key products and activities:

- Perforated sheets - table and bar
- Perforated sheets - panels and boards (standard and on request)
- Perforated sheet-Industrial screens and components (standard and on request)
- Ribbed plates - boards and panels (standard and on request)
- Anti-slip stair-perforated and ribbed (steps, sections, ramps, ladders ...)
- Welded mesh walkways (stairs, platforms)
- Trays with accessories
- Casseroles, carts and tools for baking industry
- Sheet metal warehouse shelves and exhibit panels with hooks for hanging
- Steel sheet products - waste bins, containers, autoclave.
- Manufacture on demand (drawing and samples) customer
- Development and production of new products and prototypes according to customer's requirements
(Own development department and tool room for tools)

Our production equipment and production / service capacity:

- Presses for perforation (meter and section (Schuler and others) Punching (Trumpf))
- Power Press Model C and H * a few pieces of 25 to 100 tons
- Line board perforated sheets up to 1500mm wide
- Equipment for cutting, bending, rolling plates
- Welding Equipment * tig mig-
- Tool room equipment to develop and manufacture tools for perforating, punching and shaping

Our special skills and abilities:

Our key skills and capabilities in the following areas:

- Perforation, punching and shaping of all types of sheet metal (stainless steel, steel, zinc, brass, copper, aluminum ...)
- Manufacture products as per the customer (industrial screens, parts, panels ...)
- Production of small, medium and large series, the development of prototypes
- Own development department and tool room to develop products in line with market needs
- An optimal combination of modern equipment and technology (CAD / CAM) with a long tradition and craftsmanship practice

Reference - Key Clients:

Our company and products are on the market in the region for more than 30 years. During this time we have worked with different companies from different sectors idustrijskih.

Our clients include the largest and most important companies in almost all sectors of industry: agriculture, mining, construction, shipbuilding, processing industry, food and beverage industry, bakery industry, HAVAC, machine building, automotive industry, industrial maintenance ...

We have good cooperation with small businesses and craft shops in different sectors.

Grow together with our customers and the market.

We believe that we are the ideal partner for co-operation because:

- We are a family owned company that works on the principles of healthy families;
- Many years of experience and tradition in the processing of metal and sheet metal * more than 70 years;
- We use modern equipment and technology (CAD / CAM) combined with master reaps and practice;
- We take care and invest in training and development of employees;
- The work and collaboration with our clients priorities are quality, accountability and flexibility;
- Produce small, medium and large series, as well as prototypes on request.