Address: 74 Bana Milutina st, Pozega
Phone: +381 63 643 367
Phone 2: +381 64 30 33 727

Prohrom-DESIGN LOCATED IN THE POZEGA at Bana Milutin No.74. We do: creating interior and exterior of stainless steel-stainless steel in combination with supporting materials: - Marble - glass - wood - Black material. Emphasis is placed on: - Inner and outer fences - handrails - Sliding and double gates with mechanical and remote opening - Equipment for cafes, restaurants, pizzerias ... Following the basic program activity: - balls - hemisphere - ROZETNE - reducers - Spacers Prohrom-DESIGN he deals with over twenty years, we try to follow the current trends while at the same maintain an exceptional level of quality and fair prices.