Address: Takovska 8, Pozarevac
Pozarevac Phone: +381 12 224-151
4/ 5stars

Fast food "Cleopatra Gyros" has been around for eight years.
During all these years, maximum, we have strived to provide our customers with superb image quality food, hospitality and friendly atmosphere.
The food prepared for you, we have carefully chosen and tried to bring you closer to the tastes of cuisine exotic countries, and yet on the other hand we had the intention and to hold onto something that is inherent in our kitchen.
We offer four types of gyros from which it was called. Egyptian gyros, which are not humble, we can boast that it is unique in the whole territory of the Republic of Serbia.
In addition gyros, in our offer you can find, a large selection of grilled dishes, and chicken croquettes, grilled chicken, eagles manner, the Karadjordje steak, turkey breast stuffed with cheese and more.
We also do our best to provide you with a large selection of spicy sauces and thereby bring fraction taste of western cuisine, which we are in an unusual way connected with the tastes of cuisine, Eastern countries.
During the winter season, we reduced capacity due to the limited number of places, but we try to have in such circumstances, provide a pleasant atmosphere.
This year, for the aforementioned reasons, the plan is to increase the tree of the city, before the start of the winter season which we will promptly inform you, to you here in your new address.
For a start, we have introduced free delivery in the city of Pozarevac, as well as the ability to pay PLATNIK cards, even at your home address.
During the summer season we provide you with a pleasant ambience in the center of town, yet quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the shade of chestnut trees četrdesetogodišnjih.
The coupling of this nature, food quality and diversity of taste and love we put in the work and our little shop, we managed to gain the trust of a large number of citizens, but also those of people from other cities and other countries.
Thank you all, we exist because of you.
Tim Cleopatra