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About us

Craft store VENETIAN FASHION for many years successfully engaged in the production and installation of components for the sun protection.

All our products are made to measure and it makes them appropriate for every residential or business building.

At the start our work we focused on manufacture and installation of Venetian blinds, and today the production program and make curtains (zebra or "day and night", strip, roll), shutters, blinds, awnings, umbrellas, rolling and folding doors.

Wide range of products, modern design of high quality material of Italian, Austrian, Polish and Greek suppliers and specific design solutions enable you to quickly and easily meet the specific requirements of the customer and to get appropriate solutions for each area.

Zebra blinds ("double roll" and "roll-up day and night") are mounted on the ceiling, walls or windows.

By composition, the canvas is 100% polyester, thanks to dense weaving, zebra blinds provide protection from UV radiation.

NEW: The latest product from our workshop are MINI Zebra blinds that are mounted on the wing doors, without drilling! This system, which guides the curtain that run along the wing when the window is ajar.
Installation is very simple and takes max 5 minutes per lap.


Blinds are widely used because they can be a substitute for external blinds.

Depending on the material of which are made, can be used for completely darkening, as well as to decrease the temperature in the room, but can be different and breathability.

These systems can be on automatic (with chains) and motor drive, a mechanism moves the canvas vertically. We make blinds and skylights.

NEW: Rolling curtains for vehicles

Blinds with spring are ideal for windows means of transportation: boats, ships, planes, vans and buses.

They can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, horizontally and vertically. Max width of the curtain is 100 cm and the maximum height is 95cm.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are affordable and popular way for beautification of office and residential space.

The fabric is anti-static and odorless, does not collect dust and therefore these curtains grateful for maintenance. An ideal solution for sloping windows.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are quality protection from sunlight and prying eyes.

They are made in a number of colors, and can be mounted in a wooden, metal and PVC joinery.

Shutters are made from the finest materials and designed to the highest standards that guarantee the durability and functionality of the thermal and sound insulation of the building.

We offer aluminum and plastic shutters in several colors.

Product is silent because the transfer takes place via the stock.

Mosquito nets are hundred percent protection from insects.

After installing mosquito nets, doors and windows can be freely open and close.

Roller blinds are mounted on windows and doors.

The mechanism is pulled up and down or side to side.

Pleated blinds are specially designed for patio doors.

The network is pleated and not affected by everyday use.

Strengthened the strands of Kevlar that give it additional protection against wind and everyday wear and tear.

Tents are made of aluminum profiles and high quality canvas Italian firm Para. We offer 20 models.

Roller garage doors are the safest form of protection garage, shop windows, shops or offices.

Front doors are the simplest solution for the rearrangement of housing, shops and offices.

We make it a custom in several colors and patterns (silver, wood and mahogany, with a pattern of lines or node).