Address: 19d Sarplaninska st. , Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 13 372-253, +381 63 8570-091, +381 60 33 99 070
4/ 5stars

David opened the restaurant in the company David, who has a successful and long tradition that has a successful tradition in the territory of South Banat, over 15 years. We are at Novi Sad road, the road to Vrsac. The restaurant David organizes all kinds of celebrations, weddings, birthdays, farewells, various organized gatherings. Hall has a capacity of one hundred to 350 guests, with full air conditioning. The room we have our kitchen that was made to the design and equipped with modern appliances. The staff is professional, experienced and ready for cooperation. Salena is located in front of the fenced parking capacity to 100 seats, which if necessary can be provided entirely by closing the gate.