Address: 21 Svetog Save st., Pancevo
Phone: +381 13 332 499
Phone 2: +381 62 225 122

The company "Bike Express" has existed since 1996 and in the first 8 years of its existence, until 2004, dealt with the distribution of bicycles branded "Capriolo" throughout the territory of Vojvodina and Serbia.

Guided by the idea that the best customer is a satisfied customer, "Bike Express" succeeding this time to acquire the status of known, reliable and quality distributor, whose specificity primarily continuous and direct contact with customers.

Distribution of a product is not just about its sale to the end user, but also the maintenance, which in the case of 'Express Bike-a "means the possibility of advice when choosing and buying a particular model, the performance of" zero "service immediately prior to the sale of each bike, as well as its maintenance during the warranty period, but also after it.

This kind of professionalism "Express Bike-a" was awarded as the number of customers over the years been increasing constantly, but also recognition of its quality in the provision of services by other brand names except "Capriolo".

Thus, the company "Bike Express" from 2005 became the distributor of "Aqua Well" from Novi Sad, the company that distributes natural spring water from Zlatibor in packages of 18.9 liters and a water cooler.

A year later, in 2006 "Bike Express" starts collaboration with "Digi SAT", which deals with the installation of telecommunications equipment and re-broadcasting of television and radio channels.

All these above mentioned activities of the company are now consolidated under the new slogan "Expressno" which should be the motto of all its business activities further.

We distribute products that promote ecology, healthy living and quality leisure time.

Cycling is nowadays almost forgotten pleasure, which can be complemented by staying in nature and the fresh air.

Healthy water and its daily consumption in optimal amounts is the basis for the normal functioning of all vital parts of our body.

For you to call us and find out what you are able to provide in cooperation with our company.