Address: 43 Jabucki put st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 63 227 540
Phone 2: +381 69 700 567
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"Peca Cars Ltd." has been operating in Serbia since 2008, based in Pancevo.

Since the establishment until today, the company has been successfully engaged in importing and selling used cars in the European Union.

Performance of the company is the result of cooperation with car buyers, and thus open the Rent a Car in 2013 is just another form of service, to desire, capabilities and plans Nash customers as soon as possible realized.

From the beginning our goal was turnkey system and safe driving to car sales and the renting of insured vehicles.

In our office in Pancevo can rent cars and secure his safety and comfort for your travels.

When renting our cars can achieve great savings.

Achieve long-term and successful cooperation.