Address: 4 Ulica kestena st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 13 263 82 201
Phone 2: +381 63 354 032
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Vacation resort and educational center for children Tamiski konaci is located around 12km away from Pancevo in dolovacki road and is a great place where children can not only enjoy nature but also learn about agriculture, animal husbandry, farming and farm life.

Through everyday work on the farm the children will obtain lots of valuable knowledge through fun creative workshops with the supervision and support of professionals.

The educational program we offer is intended for preschool and school aged children up to 4th grade but we also help students and pupils from middle agricultural schools who need practise working in the farm.

Among many fun activities available to your little ones we'd like to highlight planting vegetables, making bread, making winter provisions, milking cows, caring about horses, riding, carriage rides and general learning about the everyday work of a farm.

We have our resort of the same name which has 60 beds of capacity that are arranged in 8 multi-bed rooms and fourteen more in seven apartments. We also have a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, playground, garden and classroom.

We offer the following content:
- Kitchen for serving food
- Modernly equipped classroom (laptop, projector)
- 8 multi-bed rooms and 7 apartments
- fenced yard with a garden for vegetable growing
- 60 + 14 beds
- Summer terrace with 120 seats
- Children's playground
- WiFi free

In addition to the resort there's also the Stari Tamis farm which deals mostly in raising cows but also has many other farm animals including pigs, goats, poultry, rabbits, ostriches and a stable with around 30 pure bred horses. Near us there is a lot of other content in which your children can enjoy sporting courts, playgrounds, lake.

The old Tamis owns:
- A miniature zoo
- Cage with small animals, birds and rabbits
- Lake
- Baby farm
- A museum of horse chariots
- Cow farm
- Stable
- Sheep farm
- Garden

The resort and the farm belong to the ALMEX company which is the official representative of the CLAAS mechanization so the children can among other things learn about machines and mechanization related to agriculture. We organize field trips to the nearby Deliblatska sand basin and for the guests of our resort Stari Tamis.

In addition to all of the above we offer:
- Learning in nature
- Individual visits and stay
- Recreational education
- One-day field trips

Individuals who want to visit us or stay with us must call in advance.