Address: 31 Zarka Zrenjanina st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 64 210 66 43
Phone 2: +381 61 306 54 70
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Kristal center - a Center for education and beauty care.

Our center has existed for over 10 years in the center of the city. We have professional staff and do a lot of work in the beauty care department.

We are present in all European fairs.

We offer the latest techniques of hair cutting, hair dyeing, hair care and shaping.

In this month we have a promotion on Brazillian ceratine for 2000-8000rsd.

Shaping and dyeing eyebrows using the highest quality dyes and the current trend in our country - Japanese eyebrow drawing.

The Japanese technique of eyebrow drawing involves inserting water-based pigmentation with a tiny blade that simulates the natural look of various length and thickness of hair.

Mesiotherapy is the new way in which you can penetrate high quality substances with or without needles in the chest, neck, face and head region.

With the goal of regenerating and improving skin metabolism, you can activate collagen, reduce small and deep wrinkles, remove freckles and scalp skin flaws as well as lack of skin caused by ageing, sun exposure or scars from pimples and injuries.

We will list some of the very important active substances that are inserted into the skin and the tissue under the skin, hyaluronic acid, ACE vitamin complexes, oligo elements and much more that makes the skin more elastic and glossy with a volume in short time visibly rejuvenated.