Address: 15 Karadjordjeva st., extension 12, Pancevo
Phone: +381 64 180 81 78

The offer includes:

* Waxing hot and cold wax
* Waxing sugar paste that in practice proved to be extremely effective method of removing unwanted hair.
Already after the first treatment see the difference between waxing and toothpaste.
The hairs grow slower, softer and thinner
* Eyebrow correction
* Services manicure
* Nail polish lasting nail varnish which provide protection against scrolling, and does not come to an average of three weeks.
It is applied as an easy and dries the UV lamp as a gel without oštećnja nail plate.
Come off without sanding, and you can very easily download yourself so that you are not required to joining salon if you do not want a new painting
* Upgrade and chiropody
* Decoration
Come and see the quality!
Working time:

Weekdays: 12-20h
Saturday: 09-15h