Address: 50/3 Kisacka st., Novi Sad
Phone: +381 21 510 007
Email: fenikszdravljeas@eunet.rs
Web: www.gold-empire.com

Company Phoenix Health AS doo Novi Sad is the representative of the international Chinese corporation FOHOW in Serbia and the Balkans .
Fohow Corporation is the world market for over 10 years . This is the first scientific research company in China that specializes in the research and production of nutritional supplements and products for health care .

Within the corporation has more than 20 different companies with scientific research centers including Čžuhajski Scientific Research Institute of diet products which is specialized in researching, developing and producing new products corporation FOHOW .

All companies in the corporation FOHOW ( Phoenix ) implement very strict quality control during the manufacturing process on the basis of which products are certified as follows: GMP , HACCP , GMO , HALLAL , ISO9001 .

The main objective of the corporation FOHOW ( Phoenix ) to establish good health and provide opportunities for people to achieve certain rewards in the form of preparation !

Preparations FOHOW Corporation ( Phoenix ) are bio- immune - energy- regulators rapid action to establish and normalize the immune system, detoxification , regulation and the establishment of functions in the body .

- Liquid elixirs based kordicepsa , reishi and shiitake , mushroom from Tibet
- The strongest and most effective products quick action at the level of Serbia and Europe
- The most effective block cancer cells
- Highly effective products for detoxification and weight loss
- The adoption of fast preparation , sublingual nitroglycerin in principle for a few minutes , the digestibility of 100 % and the effect of action are evident .
- All components of the products are completely natural .
- Corporate Fohow has a scientific research center under the direction of Professor Tan Jucžija who was a personal physician to Mao Zedong .
- The basic structure of the scientific istrživačkog center consists of three centers : Research Center, for the control and experimental analysis and research center .
- New technologies make it possible to preserve the maximum of the active component , which increases the digestibility of the preparation up to 100 % , and provides an efficient and rapid reaction of the organism .
- In the production of products using the most advanced methods kriaekstrakovanja to minus 20 degrees ( to conserve medicinal mushrooms ) and crushing of raw material to the smallest micro molecules and extraction .
- In applying these products leads to regeneration at the cellular level in the body and slow down the process starenja.Preparati company FOHOW ( Phoenix ) are manufactured by the world's latest technology.
- The recipe preparation is unique , more than a thousand years and is based on the well-known traditional Chinese method of healing and longevity .