Address: 12 Djurdja Brankovica st., Novi Sad
Phone: +381 63 519 518
Phone 2: +381 21 661 42 81

Company / Shop was established: 1994. Called a mechanic shop "Zara" and later Auto Repair "Ivanovic" since 2004. Was named Wagen Trade Limited.

We deal with:
- Car service mechanical, electrical, auto air
- Wynn's system (chemical treatments)
- Cleaning the injection system without dismantling the engine
- Cleaning nozzles, valves, EGR valves, turbo charger - Turbine
- Cleaning the air conditioning system, disinfection, killing fungi, removing unpleasant odors from the cabin
- Cleaning the engine cooling system, scale, dirt,

Tire, vehicle registration and insurance, as well as passenger transport (car and van)

Special offer: Make your term - be served immediately!

Payment: gyro, cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro ...)