Address: 93 Kralja Petra Prvog Karadjordjevica st., Nova Pazova
Phone: +381 69 331 59 11

Our service is a modernly equipped workshop that provides quality and reliable services in the field of automobiles which include:

- Car mechanics
- Electric
- Computer car diagnostic
- Control
- Eligibility of air conditioners
- Sales and installation of spare parts

The professional staff with years of experience, the appropriate standard and special tools with the latest equipment for vehicle servicing and computerized automotive diagnostics, enabling us to quickly and
easily we identify and eliminate any possible mechanical and electrical malfunctions in your vehicle.

Briefly speaking, we are able to offer you all kinds of auto mechanics and auto electrical works, from eliminating mečaničkih issue, transmission repairs, brake system repairs and gear, through the work on the vehicle's electrical system and regular servicing of full general repair engines.