Address: 84 Obrenoviceva st., Nis
Phone: +381 18 250 021, +381 69 13 500 33
Phone 2: +381 11 712 95 36, +381 61 158 774

Matrix is an action founded in 2000. year, and he had a desetogotišnje experience in selling PC equipment and services in this IT field. After 10 years of experience, Matrix is a respectable regional brand in the southeastern part of Serbia, with the broadest range of products and a large number of satisfied customers and clients. From a wide range of goods and services stands out: * Sales and service of computers and laptops * Configure networks, Linux servers, and installing operating systems and office software * Computer peripherals * Replacement of computers - old for new * Digital cameras and camcorders * LCD TVs * GPS navigation (Grameen, x drive, blueberry ...) * Batteries and chargers for all types of digital cameras and camera * Toner and ink cartridges for laser and inkjet printers, as well as their complement * MP3, MP4 and DivX Player * Sales and installation of air conditioners * Sony PlayStation consoles and games for PC and Sony PS * satellite dish and receiver * Wireless equipment help * Personal apararti - Braun, Remington, Philips, Roventa